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About us

Esthe Nature, a medicinal cosmetics products company, was founded in 2003. Since then, it has earned its unique place in the field of professional cosmetology. Raw materials are imported from Europe, and the products are made and bottled in Armenia. The company’s products are developed by specialists trained in international companies. Particular attention is paid to the composition and quality of the imported raw materials: the European raw materials we use in our products are made by applying the latest innovation achievements in chemistry, microbiology and molecular biochemistry. We immediately import all the newest components that appear on the world market, and the finished product is processed according to international standards under strict quality control. Our products pass compulsory test by dermatologists and cosmetologists.Our goals include:

  • Retaining and prolonging the skin’s natural vitality
  • Restoring and strengthening the immunity.

We care about our customers and we always respect your doctor’s recommendations and requests.

Our products are subjected to mandatory testing by dermatologists and cosmetologists. In addition, we test the stability of the product: the product’s ability to maintain its physicochemical properties, color, smell, density during the specified period. We offer more than 100 kinds of medicinal cosmetic and care products.

When creating care products, we pay special attention to the region’s climate conditions, so our products are developed according to our skin’s peculiarities. Consequently, Esthe Nature’s products remove the effects of environmental factors, heal and regenerate the skin. Thanks to their unique structures, these paraben- and sulphate-free innovative products easily spread on the skin and are quickly absorbed, which allows a deep penetration of the skin, giving it a velvety sensation.